Our Vision is:

  1. Evangelization of  DRC [Congo], Africa and World
  2. Christian  Education
  3. Leadership-Training
  4. Deacon Help with regard to poverty and health matters


The CRCC was formedto carry out the following objectives among its members:

1. To preach th word of God.

2. To convert unbelievers into believers

3. To develop the members wholistically and holistically. That is spiritually, morally, social economically, mentally and phyisically.

4. To devevelop human virtues among her members such as justice, love, truth, etc

5. To enable our church be reliant economically in order to pay international and local manpower.

6. To enable the members to be self supporting in order to support the church.

7. To encourage Christian fellowship among all the people of God without any discrimination of any kind.

8. To help our members to know Christian reformed doctrine and traditions.

9. To help our Christian reformed members to understand the word of God and Christian faith.

N.B: These are among the key objectivesof CRCEA.


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